Kegonsa Capital Partners

Welcome to Kegonsa Capital Partners

Kegonsa Capital Partners, LLC ("KCP") is Wisconsin-based venture capital management firm.

KCP is the general partner of the Kegonsa Seed Fund I, LP, the premier Wisconsin seed venture capital fund, and the managing member of Kegonsa Coinvest Fund, LLC, a Wisconsin-based growth stage venture capital fund (collectively, the "KCP Funds").

All KCP and KCP fund employees are employed in Wisconsin.

Investment Strategy

KCP employs a Money for Minnows investment strategy. The goal of the Money for Minnows strategy is to obtain the national average investor return for each venture investment segment by increasing new company creation. Investor risk is minimized by spreading venture capital across diverse industries, technologies, and locations throughout Wisconsin.

While the Kegonsa Seed Fund investment period ended on January 15, 2010, the Kegonsa Coinvest fund continues to make two to five investments growth and late stage investments per year.

About Money for Minnows

The Money for Minnows strategy is described in detail in a white paper presented on the Money for Minnows page. This white paper which was published in 2010, highlights the benefits of Money for Minnows using the actual investment results of the KCP funds from inception to January 15, 2010.

A follow-up white paper about using the Money for Minnows strategy for a state-focused fund of funds is presented in the Fund of Funds page. This white paper uses actual KCP fund results from inception to July 1, 2012.

Investment Strategy Results

From January 2005 to January 2010, KCP portfolio funds have participated in 28 percent of all Wisconsin venture capital deals (based on data provided by the Wisconsin Technology council).

In addition, KCP has successfully leveraged KCP fund investments: for every $1 invested by a KCP fund, other funds and investors have coinvested $5 in KCP portfolio companies.

These results demonstrate how the Money for Minnows strategy can drive investor return and company creation in Wisconsin as well as create a multiplier effect on total venture capital dollars invested.

Company Creation

Kegonsa Seed Fund portfolio companies were created in Wausau, Watertown, Green Bay, Fitchburg, Boston, Middleton, Madison, and Gainesville, Florida (the Gainesville company moved its headquarters and R&D operations to Wisconsin in 2009).

Such geographical diversity has been matched by diversity in industry and technology with investments in manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and internet companies. This diversity benefits investors because fund return isn't tied to any one industry or market.

Job Creation

Kegonsa Seed Fund companies have created 252 new jobs. Since 2010 total employment in Kegonsa Seed Fund companies has increased 300 percent and will continue to increase in the coming years. With Kegonsa Seed Fund investors already obtaining their dollar investment return, the ongoing creation of new jobs at Kegonsa Seed Fund portfolio companies represents a continued boost to Wisconsin employment without the need for any further investment.